Unified computing systems

Unified computing systems offered by Stage system offers you to reduce your IT cost and improves the flexibility which is a goal or every organization. As we know that improvisation of cost is not an easy task. Traditional server platforms were not design for virtualization and have not changed frequently in past 20 years. Unified Computing systems helps you to reduce significant cost reduction by connecting and integrating the network and the server in a way that removes unnecessary hardware, further it Unified Computing systems also helps you to streamline the management of server environment.

Maintenance and Testing

Once a system is deployed it is in service for years and
decades. During this time the system and its operational
environment is often corrected, changed or extended.
Testing that is provided during this phase is called
maintenance testing.

Power Distribution & UPSs. Racks & Encolures. Airflow Management. Cooling Solution. Data Center Containment.
Data Center Managment Sofware Tools. Securite & Access Control. Monitoring & Digital Signage. Network & Servers. Cabling.


Any organization require an efficient and comprehensive data storage plan to ensure the customer information is safe guarded. Storage can be via back up and duplication or via primary stores or through cloud back up or IAAS – Infrastructure as a service. Stage system offers you to design and implement data storage and back up strategy that optimize you Customer systems and low down the Total cost of Ownership.


At Stage system we understand that a great care should be taken while designing back up strategy. As we all know that few minutes of irrecoverable data can lead to lost of revenues and may be clients. We offer our customer to design a smart way to back up and store their important data via Back up solution. We have partnered with leading vendors to ensure most effective data back up solution to meet our clients requirements. Stage System Back up solution offers you single one step data recovery which ensures quik back up with superior storage efficiency and flexible deployment. Further customer can execute data storage solution which decreases back up cost.


Disaster Recovery also used as DR is a coordinated activity to enable the recovery of IT/business systems due to a disruption. Disaster Recovery – DR can be achieved by restoring IT/business operations at an alternate location, recovering IT/business operations using alternate equipment, and/or performing some or all of the affected business processes using manual methods.Business data is considered as one of the major base of any organization, and every businesses today are continuously challenged with protecting their business – critical application and data against various causes of downtime.Why do a Disaster Recovery is required ?Disaster recovery is not just for large businesses. Leading analysts have hard facts that point to two out of five businesses, of all sizes, that experience a disaster go out of business within five years of the event.

Many companies believe a ‘disaster’ is a once in a lifetime incident. In fact, these incidents are very common with growing numbers of viruses, security breaches, software issues, hardware failures and data corruption. Thankfully, more catastrophic events such as weather-related causes, fires, power interruptions and sabotage are exceptional, but the most successful companies, small or large, prepare themselves for all potential eventualities. Consequences of a Disaster

Tape Library

Why Stage Systems? As the volume and value of data grows beyond online resources and backup windows, Stage Systems proven tape and library solutions help you manage complexity, control costs, and deliver on service-level agreements. With the world’s highest capacity and highest performance drives, including the world’s first exabyte storage system, enterprise tape libraries that provide 24×7 availability,  and the most scalable, integrated tiered storage environment, Stage System tape storage systems enable you to reduce backup windows, maximize archive access, and lower your total cost of ownership.

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