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Fire Alarm

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Fire Alarm

The price you pay to protect your assets from the potential threat of a fire is minute compared to the amount you would pay should your assets go up in flames. Fire alarm solutions are not something that most people think of but we are here to show you just why you should take fire alarm solutions seriously and entrust the protection of your property to Stage Systems.Causes of Fire 

Arson – yes there are people out there with malicious intent who are willing to light a match and watch someone else’s property burn to the ground.

Electrical faults – sometimes incorrect wiring or old worn out wiring can be the trigger that starts a fire.

Equipment failure – generates an astounding 85% of all commercial fires reported in.


In the UK, Maine Municipal Association Risk Management Services estimates that on average the country experiences 70,000 – 80,000 workplace fires a year and when this happens it leads to disturbance in public services and utilities not mentioning the loss of tremendous amounts of valuable property and information.


What We Do To Help You Prevent Such Loss

Stage Systems offers Fire Alarm Solution Systems. We look into helping you with solutions to prevent potential outbreaks of fire on your premises both private and commercial.


We also offer maintenance, technical support and depending on your area or location may dispatch a response team within 24 hours towards the site.


Our other services include the following:


  • Running tests on a weekly basis
  • Multi-premise cover
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Help generate site response times


In our solutions we incorporate and make use of fire detection equipment, high sensitive smoke detection units, gas suppression kits and portable fire extinguishers.

Stage Systems Fire Alarms areas of expertise:

Fire Detection

We specialise in supplying, installing and servicing conventional and analogue fire alarm systems. We have a variety of products in store ranging from Seimens to Kentec products.

High Sensitive Smoke Detection

This is usually a forerunner for a fire and if this system is installed for you, you can stop the fire early in the bud before it destroys a whole more of your assets. In store we have several laser brand products on sale.

Stage Systems is committed to your safety, invest wisely, invest in Stage Systems.