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Stage Systems offers IPTV services. In a nutshell IPTV (Internet Protocol television) is a system that allows TV services to be delivered via the Internet protocol suite using a packet-switched network like a local area network (LAN) or the Internet in lieu of being transmitted via the traditional satellite signals and cable TV formats.The beauty of IPTVIPTV offers two attractions:

  • IPTV gives users the ability to stream media content directly from the source in block batches.
  • The streamed media can be viewed as it is being received and the user does not have wait for the entire file to be transmitted.

What we do for you

We give you the opportunity to enjoy great movie deals and high speed Internet at the same time through our too-good-to-pass-up IPTV solution. We are able to provide the necessary expertise and equipment needed to the respective entities involved such as cable TV companies and system integrators to help them deliver an ideal package to their end users.

Stage System has teams in place that are ready to work with you in providing the following IPTV services:

VOD (Video-on-demand): allows you to browse a library of videos not directly linked to TV programming

Live TV: may be connected to TV shows

Time shifted TV: start-over TV and catch-up TV

Our teams consist of highly trained individuals who are experts in video server based technologies. We have solutions for all your entertainment problems and even cater to HD and SD TV related issues.

Who should invest in our IPTV services?

Anyone who wants an upgrade from traditional TV can enjoy IPTV. It is simple to install and operate plus we will take you through it all as we install it for you.

Cable TV operators stand to benefit from this partnership as well as they can enjoy the revenue avenues opened up to them by customers using our IPTV solution.

IPTV’s influence has grown over the years and now stretches wide across hotels, apartment complexes, hospitals, schools and private homes with over 83 million users worldwide with Europe and Asia being the areas with the highest numbers of active subscribers. Don’t be left behind. Join the IPTV bandwagon today. Get in touch with one of our team members to hear more about the amazing service that Stage Systems is offering you today.