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Stage Systems is a proud service provider of MATV solutions. MATV is an abbreviation for Master Antenna Television, which is a system technology that allows multiple television outlets to be serviced from a single antenna system.Who should use MATV solutions?MATV solutions are great for institutions that require large scale television connections such as hotels, schools, sporting complexes, motels, hospitals, retirement communities, nursing homes and apartment buildings.Why we want you to use our service

Here at Stage Systems we recommend the use of Master Antenna Television because it allows you to

  • Stream digital television (watching high quality images and having great audio playback)
  • distribute content from dvds, videos and other players
  • stream video and other content
  • stream pay per view TV and or satellite distribution

What MATV solutions can you obtain?

  • When you get in touch with us, our team of specialists will explain to you the different system designs which we have in place. There are both analogue and digital systems from which you can choose from. We will oversee the installation of aerial and satellite dish and make sure that you are happy with the end product. We won’t rest until we are sure that you are happy with the picture quality and reception you are getting from your installed receptors.
  • When you get in touch with our service team they will assess your need and run a couple of tests (fault finding) to try and see if they can find the troublesome areas. Once we find the area we will then discuss the way forward with you, consulting with you every step of the way. Once the Master Antenna Television is installed you can also keep in touch with us to do all your maintenance work on the MATV.



Stage Systems has teams in place that are ready to help you get started with your MATV solution today. Call us today and find out how our MATV solutions have helped other organizations and companies. You are only a phone call or an email away from getting access to the power of leveraging MATV, do not hesitate, give us a call today.