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Public Address

The Next Stage of Technology

Public Address

If you have ever said to yourself ‘I need….’

  1. A better intercom system that gives me more wide spread coverage
  2. A dependable public address system that isn’t complex and is easy to use
  3. An easier way to broadcast audio messages

Then have we got just the thing for you!


Stage Systems is your one stop service place that provides you with all your Public Address solutions. Stage Systems has some of the best deals around offering you great voice quality VOIP paging audios while giving you access to wireless/fiber LAN/WAN networks.


What Stage Systems will do for you

  • We have centralised software that will manage your system via digital voice quality.
  • We will arrange your solution in such a manner that it supports hundreds of stations. You won’t have to worry about installation time because intercom/paging solutions are quick and easy to deploy and maintenance isn’t too much of a headache either.
  • Our solutions are not a one-size-fits-all but are rather custom made to suit your individual needs as an organisation.
  • We make sure that the intercom/public address solutions we have installed for you will give you enough room to grow and scale up with time.


Key Benefits of working with Stage Systems Intercom/Public Address Solutions:


All our solutions are deployed quickly and provide ease of maintenance

Our solutions provide a highly configurable zone template mapping

Our clear low-bandwidth audio distribution is a winner


Different Public Address Systems


One of our specialists will sit down with you and assess the needs of your organisation and walk you through some of our solutions.


Here at Stage Systems we believe in delivering only the very best and so we present you with the very latest in Public Address technology from amplifiers to microphones and speakers. We will show you everything that we believe will be of great use to you and your company. Not only does our equipment look good but it sounds even better! If you don’t believe us why not give us a ring we will be happy to give you a sampling of some of our very best technologies.


Feel free to contact us today for a free complimentary consultation.