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Routing & Switching

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Routing & Switching

The world of computers is one full of hardware and software. Setting up software is relatively simple but hardware can be a pain to setup. Some of the key hardware that must be put in place before a company can fully operate includes routers and switches. Routers and switches permit traffic to flow smoothly in a company setting. The incorrect setup of routers and switches can lead to great difficulty when the company needs to grow. It may lead to a crippling and slowing down of the company’s work as the hardware will need to be set up again correctly.Thankfully you do not need to have to go through this disaster. By choosing to work with Stage Systems we can make sure that your company’s needs are well looked after and that we are working round the clock to setup your routing and switching servers in time.

What we provide

We understand the crucial part played by communication in business and the need for a smooth and efficient flow of data. Correct setup of routers and switches will allow for this. In addition we take into consideration our client’s potential need to upscale and so we work in such a way that we leave you leg room to expand comfortably when the time comes. When the time comes your network infrastructure will be able to grow as you grow.

Our Stage System team is fully qualified to oversee and work on your company’s routing and switching design process. Our team can take you through planning, implementing and testing platforms. In this manner our team is able to meet you and work with you at any stage of your design process.

Our staff works with a combination of tools from network diagrams and graphical illustrations that give an easier visual representation of what is going on. All these tools enable us to view everything going on in the network and make any changes in areas that needs improvement in order to deliver the best routing and switching platforms for our clients.

In case of problems

Our Stage Systems staff is fully capable of handling any issues. They will perform assessment health checks to identify the problem area and fix it. The personalized care we take with our clients means that our clients need not worry about anything because we have it all under wraps.