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Tape Library

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Tape Library

What is Tape Library ?In data storage, a tape library is a collection of magnetic tape cartridges and tape drives. An automated tape library is a hardware device that contains multiple tape drives for reading and writing data, access ports for entering and removing tapes and a robotic device for mounting and dismounting the tape cartridges without human intervention.Tape library is monitored for parameters such as cleaning status, door status, operational status, etc. Tape drives are monitored for addition, removal, mounting, unmounting, and other functions, and to detect fault conditions. SNMP traps from the tape library are collected and alarms are generated for fault conditions.
Availability reports on tape libraries show the availability trends, downtime history, MTTR, MTBF, etc and reports can be generated for various time periods.Why Stage Systems ?

As the volume and value of data grows beyond online resources and backup windows, Stage Systems proven tape and library solutions help you manage complexity, control costs, and deliver on service-level agreements. With the world’s highest capacity and highest performance drives, including the world’s first exabyte storage system, enterprise tape libraries that provide 24×7 availability, and the most scalable, integrated tiered storage environment, Stage System tape storage systems enable you to reduce backup windows, maximize archive access, and lower your total cost of ownership.