Disaster recovery services is one of the most important area for any business, as data is one of the most important part of any business be it small or large business organization. Does your company or organization have a sound plan if in case of any event where data disaster can be occur in your business ?

There is no single business that doesn’t require disaster recovery services. As disaster doesn’t come with proper time it can be anytime when disasters can happen. And disasters can happened too frequently therefore one needs to do proper planning for recovering the data. It is business who needs to decide on how far they can go to recover all the data such as customers, orders, addresses, materials use, employee data which is essential part to keep business up and running.

Every business, no matter which verticals they are involved must have a continuity plan in hand. We are here talking about managing the disaster and not just ideas in the cloud. A proper plan in hand will provide you to recover and safeguard the data in case of any disaster happen in your business. With a proper plan your business will not face any hassles with any attack. Data is backbone of any business and created slowly with different marketing activities.

DRP – Or Disaster recovery plan is documented process and set set of procedure to recover and protect Business IT infrastructure in case of any disaster even. These plans are documented in written forms, procedures are specified which an organization will follow before and after the disaster. Disaster can be natural, environmental or manmade. Manmade disasters can be exampled as accidental or intentional.

Today since organizations have increased their dependency on Information Technology to run their processes and operations a disaster recovery plan also called as continuity of Operation plan – COOP which is associated with recovery of all IT data and facilities.

As per statistics business that don’t have data recovery plan stand a 50% chance of going under incase of any natural disaster happens wherein they lose the data which requires to do business. Thje man hours alone which require replacement of data will be simply immense.

The data recovery plan must include crises management, methodology for recovery. The storage venues, that you will use including data monitoring. Be it small or large organization Data recovery planning is very important to ensure the smooth running of business in case of any disasters.

How Stage Systems can help your organization with Data recovery.

Stage Systems listen and learn about your needs then develop a standardised approach to your organisation’s Data and Disaster recovery requirements. Stage System team become part of your project and focus on achieving the best results possible within your budget. We create comprehensive documentation based on your budgets.

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