Data centers are one of the most critical places of the companies or organization, Data center works like a brain of an organization in this blog post we will discuss how data center works, but before that we need to just go back to the past on the how large scale computer systems has been crafted and many people today have a clear understanding of Data Center. As we know the fact that during 1940’s computers were so large that it would require large places or rooms to have them. In other words computers use to take too much of spaces. Today Personal computers which we use are more powerful than the earlier version of computers or mainframe systems of those days. But in an organization where the data flows every second needs to be managed by data center or also called as server rooms.

Data Center are used by large companies of government organization but today the need of data center is fast growing with the everyone using computers for their work in any organization that is why small and medium size businesses are opting for Cloud based data services to manage their business applications, As the success of any organization is based on the smooth operations with proper flow of data within the departments.

We all know that PC requires power and electricity plus the protection from accident or manipulation of hardware therefore Data centers are created to ensure all the data is safeguarded in case of any issues created in the organization. Having said that Data center requires sufficient cooling sitting at one place.

Apart from the above one should also see to it that organizations require periodic back up that ensure operability. Therefore; data centers require well constructed building, cables, storage devices, servers and internet connection, including proper power supply can fire extinguishing systems. Let’s have a look how a typical data center is design ensuring zero downtime

Power Supplies

Successful data centers are robust in design with every component placed properly which works smooth in an organization with zero downtime. Power supply is one of the basic utility of Data Center. If one part of power fails there are back up with second supply if the second fails the third one. These power supplies can be backed by generators in a separate building ensuring continuous power supply is provided to the data center. The diesel motor in generators are pre configured and always in preheated state to ensure continuous operation. Beyond diesel motors block batteries are also installed for extra back up to ensure if everything fails the applications can run for 15 to 20 minutes

Within the data center, block batteries ensure that all operating applications can run for 15 minutes. This backup system makes it possible to provide power from the time a utility company experiences a total blackout to the time that the diesel generators start up.

Heat Exchanger

From the above paragraph we can understand that data center needs a continuous power which can generate heat – therefore to ensure these heats are released heat exchangers are created to exchange heat into air via turbo cooling process.


As heat is generated with all the components of servers, and hardware there are chances where the efficiency of data center can reduce therefore cooling is one of the most important part of data centers. To ensure low heating the servers are installed in racks and the temperature is set between of 24 to 26°C which dismisses the heat emitted by the servers. The warm air from the server room is removed by Air conditioning system. Big organizations who provide Data center services even use cool water that can absorb heat from the servers in case of black out.

To top it off, the turbo-cooling units also have to dissipate heat. There are 18 heat exchangers on the data center’s roof for this purpose, which release hot air into the environment.

Access Controlled

Access to Data centers are very limited with only authorize individuals entering the data center even maintenance staff have further authorizations to enter the server rooms.

There are many other precautions which has been taken to ensure the data centers are up and running without any interruption. Most of companies and enterprises are opting for the data center solutions after imbibing the role of data in the growth of their ventures. India clearly emerges as the winner seeing the advancements in technology and cost effective trends in data center realms.

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