As per recent research done by International data center which reports 58 % of the companies are not creating a local back up. US bureau of Labor statistics reports that majority of SME never recover from disastrous data loss. Local back up are good and provides benefits with first step protection towards your data. These are effective method for initial errors such as hardware failure, software failure, manual intervention of data and so on . .  but fail during theft, disaster of multiple hardware and software failure due to voltage.

Understanding the day to day dependence it may not be an over statement that business depend on data and internet today. Although it is surprising that businesses are taking risk in not investing in data protection plan. Since data loss is incurable if proper steps for saving has not taken unlike physical assets such as building, equipment and others which can be resurrected quickly. Data management is one of the determining factor for the existence of any business therefore businesses should check about enterprise data security plan.

Ensure following points to keep in mind while selecting the security plan or reliable data center.

Data Plan should be Comprehensive:

While selecting the data plan for enterprises one should understand that it should be universal and unique to check the threats and challenges ahead. A single data plan should be so comprehensive that it it should work against every threats such as application errors, natural or manmade disasters, manual errors and so on…

Check the Convenience:

The maintenance of servers and security of data should be worry of data center service providers and not yours. Implementing a data center solution should not change your existing IT architecture, it should be plug and play for your IT department and business.

Expenses  :

One of the most crucial part is the cost of data center service which should fit into your budget. Ensure that the data center vendor is not increasing the cost of package or bandwidth cost. Have a proper check with Service Level agreements and Contracts while understanding your business needs.

Therefore to protect your business data, data center backups are one of the best method to retain your data. The data center services providers also offers high bandwidth and So, to overcome the challenge of data protection, data center backups are the best method to retain your data and ensure its well being. The data center services providers are offering increasing at any location. The data center is remotely monitored. Human involvement is limited to IT engineers and expert maintenance team only. The geographical area of data centers also reduces the risk of earthquake, floods and other natural calamities. They are often located at low risk zones.Most of companies and enterprises are opting for the data center solutions after understanding the role of data in the growth of their ventures. UAE clearly emerges as the winner seeing the advancements in technology and cost effective trends in data center realms.

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