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Paging Systems

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Paging Systems

Stage Systems provides unrivalled service offering pagers in their different forms, from hospital paging terminals, to paging transmitters which can be used in hotels, restaurants and other industries.

Why Investing in Pagers from Stage Systems is a great move

We have a specialized team here at Stage Systems that helps you solve all your paging concerns by helping you reduce the frustration that often accompanies the integration of equipment, identifying and purchasing the right pagers for your needs.

We offer the best grade pagers on the market to our clients while maintaining competitive prices helping you save money.

We also take pride in our work and promise to give you the best service and all the support you need to get used to your new equipment. We provide great warranty on all our products and stand with you all the way providing maintenance support where needed. Your happiness is our happiness.

Who needs pagers?

Most of our clients work in the healthcare industry with hospitals as some of our largest clients. However this is not to say we do not have customers in other industries. Restaurants and hospitality industries make frequent use of pagers as part of their own communications network. Any industry that requires efficient direct communication of staff members in real time stands to benefit greatly from this great service that we are offering.

The services we offer:

Installation of onsite paging – where transmitters that do the paging are found in situ at the company and the company manages and oversees the entire system themselves.

Other paging systems you may be interested in such as messaging systems may be further discussed with our staff. These are systems which can be installed which help keep information flowing smoothly in the company, linking staff and operations together.

Among our products are coasters, staff pagers, pagers, pizza pagers, guest paging, restaurant pager, pager systems and hotel pagers.

Our support for our customers starts pre-sale and continues post-sale. We value our clientele and seek to meet their needs.  We are more than happy to help you with each and every enquiry you may have.

For more information don’t forget to send us a message and one of our qualified staff will get back to you.